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Origins Illustrations

A set of illustrations done for in-video, animated map graphics of TVNZ's Origins series, which explores the origins of the Māori people. (Done under Pixelpush)



Han Law

Art Direction

Siew Wee H'ng


Han Law

Pon Huey Min

William Kusuma

The illustrations are made to mimic vintage engraving/etching to decorate in-video animated maps that will visualise the show's journey to trace back the Maori people's origins. The illustrations are New Zealand-centric, but also feature flora/fauna from other places in the Oceania.

I was also responsible for generating and animating most of these maps to better illustrate the journey that the Māori took in their wakas before eventually coming to Aotearoa.

These are edits I've made outside of the project for personal experimentation.

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