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Missed Call
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Missed Call

Missed Call is about messages of southeast asian queers that are left unvoiced - messages and desires of acceptance, forgiveness, freedom, and understanding. It is sincere, vulnerable, and personal.


For my final year project, I chose to tackle an issue I am deeply familiar with. I chose the research question "How can I contribute in giving voice to queer southeast asians through my craft?". Even though same-sex marriage had been legalised years ago in the U.S., asian countries are still behind in the fight to reach equality, and not many people realise this. Because representations of the LGBT+ community continue to be eurocentric, it is important to create a voice for the countries that are still struggling to reach equality. In some of these places, even voicing out is still criminalised. As someone from a position of privilege, I can't help but feel a sense of responsibility, and want to raise awareness on the matter using my skills.