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The bargain hunter's best friend. (Done under Pixelpush)



Han Law

Art Direction

Siew Wee H'ng


Pon Huey Min

William Kusuma


William Kusuma


Pon Huey Min

Vania Chandrawidjaja

William Kusuma

Music & SFX

Jhen Thoo

Initial style exploration aiming for a pencil and marker look. We kept the style close to Crackerjack's initial mascot design while exploring the usage of textures and expanding on how we can apply the visual language to characters and environment.

I was in charge of developing the storyboard for the video. Because the narrative was script-heavy but without enough time frame to animate lip-syncing, we needed to find the right balance of character acting and using the environment/props to help convey the message.

We expanded on the styleframe to create the current look for the video.

During production, I was in charge of getting all the assets in to be animated and block out most of the motion to be passed on to other people to finish. I was also responsible for rigging and all character animations of the mascot.