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The Sink Thing

The Sink Thing is a short film that combines both stop motion and cel animation about the mysterious creature known as the Fatberg, which was born from an unfortunate incident. The short film aims to raise awareness and educate the public to not dispose liquid food waste by pouring it down the sink. The film is still to be completed, but here are selected works from our work in progress!


Fatberg is a buildup of FOGs (fat, oil, and grease) and non-biodegradable matter that end up down the drain and eventually block up the sewage system. This causes multiple problems from household spillage, environmental damage, to diseases. While most people know not to flush trash down the toilet and pour liquid kitchen waste down the sink, we all still do it anyway. What can we do about it?

For this brief, students pair up into a group of 4-5. Each group must find a way to tackle an issue from a list of topics and come up with a design solution that is built up from research. Students must then do a proposal presentation and pitch their solutions based on findings. The following term, students begin making collaterals based on respective proposals, aiming for a minimum viable product. Finally, the MVPs are then presented to a panel.

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Sink Thing - Animatics

Sink Thing - Animatics

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Raw stop motion footage done in a verrry tight budget. We used a mix of puppeting with fishing line and blue tac to secure the props onto surfaces.