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Centre Stage
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Centre Stage

Centre Stage is a hand-drawn montage of iconic imagery from Auckland Live's best selling content, mainly focusing on musicals and stage performances (hence the title). The animated narrative invites the audience to try to spot their favourite shows as the scenes transition from one to the other, showcasing what Auckland Live has to offer.


The Auckland Live team is looking for animated shorts that reflect their brand - the performing arts, celebrating New Zealand culture, and diversity. Their team wants a narrative sequence that is accessible, inclusive, and creative, between 1-2 minutes in duration, and be visually driven with limited need for sound. The full clip will be accompanied by a 10-second cut for social media. For the students, a detailed record of working hours were required as a practice to draft invoices (using hourly rates). The project timeline includes an initial pitch presentation, followed by weekly progress & feedback sessions with the client, and a final presentation to showcase and 'sell' the video to the clients.